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Small, medium or large quantities with the PecanRobustRoot Protocol quality assurance. The purpose of setting up a pecan orchard is to return on investment and produce the best pecan fruits. For this, it is essential to invest in the acquisition of seedlings that have quality and strength to form this orchard. With these needs in mind, PecanSolution developed its own seedling production protocol: PecanRobustRoot.

Keep calm, we are going to increase your profits and make your life easier!

Agribusiness 4.0 has arrived for you!

Nowadays, the traditional pecan nut production system results in a product that does not meet the current requirements of the domestic and foreign markets, consequently the producer's profitability becomes lower than planned. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and apply developments in production processes.

Using agriculture 4.0, the producer has a set of integrated digital technologies. This connectivity greatly assists in optimizing production at all stages. PecanSolution has tools that enable the producer to make decisions based on interconnected data analysis through softwares, systems and equipment.

Using Agriculture 4.0, your investment decisions are made based on data from the climate, soil, orchard and market.

Advantages of Agriculture 4.0:

  • Agricultural productivity improvement

  • Efficiency in the use of supplies

  • Increased worker safety

  • Lower environmental impacts

  • Cost reduction

  • Greater product traceability

  • Improvements in Production Process

  • Quality seal

Your investment yielding more, with less cost and in short time!

Despite offering superior yields to traditional crops such as soybean and livestock, the high investment in setting up a pecan nut orchard and its development and production can be frustrating due to the lack of production strategies and empirical decision making.

Therefore, we have created at PecanSolution customized production strategies for each producer, considering the resources and infrastructure of each investment. Besides, applying high productivity techniques with proven results in Brazil.

By producing quality fruits, you will be assured of marketing at the best prices, as well as access to the foreign market. In many cases, our processes allow the investor a return on average in half of the time, all based on strategy efficiency and resource utilization. In addition, our processes maximize your profits and reduce your costs.

Control of your entire investment through a digital field notebook

In order to make investment in pecan nut farming even more controlled and secure, we have an application to integrate and organize all information between our technical team and producers.

Through this application, a kind of Digital Field Notebook, it is possible to create a personalized schedule for each orchard, where all development and production of the orchard are monitored by the producer and the technician, at each management step.

From this information, we will have complete production traceability, an important quality assurance factor and competitive differential, an important requirement for export processes.


Through the app the producer can:

  • Submit photos and records of pests, diseases, disorders and disasters

  • Access fertilization, pruning, treatment, and management guidelines

  • Record harvest data

  • Request product orders

  • Access to technical advice

  • Facilitate data-driven decision making

  • Schedule and track orchard tasks

Consulting at all stages of investment, from planting to marketing

We have a complete technical advisory service for all phases of your investment in pecan nut farming. Through a system developed by our technicians, we offer full control of all processes, from the choice of seedlings to the best soil, following all the development and production management, defining the best marketing strategy for fruits, considering a technical, tax and management view.


Monthly Consulting

  • Planning and monitoring of all managements, with monthly visit

  • Activity log through app

  • International advisors associated with the company (see)

  • Technician to follow up the main managements (see)


Quarterly Consulting

  • Planning and monitoring of all managements, with quarterly visits

  • Monthly activity log through app


Application Consulting

  • Monthly activity log through app


Financial Consulting

  • Planning and financial monitoring of a personalized business plan for each producer.


Optimize your investment conversion rate

Get access to the complete strategy used by world producers who own better productivity and profitability.






We facilitate access to new market technologies

Get access to nutrition products and equipment that will boost your investments


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Staff trained to meet all production needs

Our team of technicians and partners is prepared to meet all planting, pruning and harvesting demands. From strategic planning and technical monitoring, we can guarantee our customers the best productivity and profitability results.


  • Assurance of technical project implementation in the field 

  • Planting techniques with lower loss rates


  • Application of high productivity techniques 

  • Resource Targeting

Harvest and Post Harvest

  • Harvest Strategy

  • Quality control


$$ Credit Access $$

Creditar Consultoria is our partner to strengthen the link between producers and financial institutions. With more than 5 years of experience in the market, Creditar is a reference in contracting projects for implantation and costing of pecan nut orchards. An average of R$ 5 million per year is injected through it into the pecan nut production chain with grant-aided interest.


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Get access to nutrition products and equipment that will boost your investments

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